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Got a problem pooper on your hands? This guide can help!


I have used my background knowledge as a Nutrition Specialist, as well as my own experience as a mother of two, to create this short guide with tons of simple tips and tricks to help you combat one of the most common problems families face during potty training: Constipation!


Even if you don't suspect constipation as the culprit to your little one's potty trouble, it can creep up without us even knowing sometimes! Staying proactive by taking the steps to prevent and treat it at the first signs will help keep your child comfortable and calm on the potty!


*Please note: I am not a licensed physician and any medical interventions or dietary supplements and/or changes should be discussed with your child's doctor prior to implementation.*


This guide will be sent in an email and available via PDF upon purchase.

Constipation Recipes, Remedies, and Recommendations

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