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Potty Like A Pro: Basic

  • 16Weeks
  • 18Steps


If you're looking for an all-in-one option to learn basic potty training techniques, understand how to apply them and to get your child going potty like a pro, then this course is for you! This is the ultimate potty training course that bundles information from all of my other individual courses, and more, to provide you with everything you'll need for success! COURSE OUTLINE: Welcome! - What to Expect? - When to Start? - How Long Does it Take? Unit 1: Getting Started - Lesson 1: What you’ll need - Lesson 2: The Prep-work ~ Prepping Yourself ~ Prepping Your Child ~ Prepping Your House/Car ~ Prepping Childcare/School Unit 2: Laying the Foundation - Lesson 1: The Beginning Days ~ 3-Day Startup ~ Naps/Nighttime ~ Additional Advice - Lesson 2: Continuing the Process ~ Checking in With Teachers ~ Going in Public ~ Rewards Unit 3: The Aftermath - Lesson 1: Regressions ~ All About Regressions ~ How to Handle Them - Lesson 2: Rewards ~ Phasing Out of Rewards ALSO INCLUDED: - Downloadable PDF versions of each lesson - Sticker Chart Templates - Countdown Calendar Templates - Unlimited access to course material for 16 weeks - Unlimited virtual support for 16 weeks (via Facebook, Email, or WhatsApp) - Top potty products - Top potty videos - Top potty books

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