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About Me

Welcome, my name is Stephanie! Being a military wife and a mom of two toddlers has its way of keeping me busy, but not busy enough to stop me from helping other families going through the struggles of potty training.


As someone who successfully potty trained both of my children before they were two, I know first hand how grueling the process can be. There is more than enough stress surrounding toddler years as is, so my goal is to make your potty training experience as simple as possible so you can focus on all of the successes!

My family and I are currently based in the New Jersey, USA, but I provide virtual support to families all over the world!

Lindsay  - Email Consultation Package

"Stephanie not only provided a plan to follow (with lots of strategies and tips) but in the following email follow up consults she addressed any remaining questions and concerns I had as they arose! And miracle of miracles—our son is now confidently potty trained!"

Maria - Telephone Consultation

"Overall I’m feeling very positive and confident that most of the hard parts are behind us.. he is doing so well now."

Theresa - Email Consultation Package

"We have had much to celebrate as our son is now using the potty for pooping! He has done it successfully three times, and each time he was wide awake. You are a miracle worker!"

Laura - Custom Consultation Package

"We are truly so grateful for Stephanie's guidance. Knowing we have her support has been a true game changer in the potty training process for us."

Stephanie Main
Certified Potty Training Consultant

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